Stakeholder Consultations on the Draft Land Governance Strategy

The  African Union (AU) Heads of States and Government endorsed the African Union Declaration on Land Issues and Challenges in Africa (AU Declaration on Land). The AU Declaration on Land emphasizes the importance of land to attaining sustainable socio-economic growth and development of the African continent. The Declaration further stresses the importance of protecting and securing the tenure rights of all land users, with a particular focus on women and other vulnerable groups.

To further promote good land governance and ensure the implementation of the AU Declaration on Land, the African Union Commission’s Department of Agriculture Rural Development, Blue Economic and Sustainable Environment (DARBE) has been developing the Land Governance Strategy. The Land Governance Strategy (LGS) is being developed to guide how the AUC ensures that issues related to land governance in Africa are well conceptualized, especially in delivering developmental programmes on the continent. Furthermore, the strategy outlines the principles for protecting the rights to land of Africans and ensuring that land is put to good use for sustainable development.

Click on the link below to review the current draft Land Governance Strategy.


We invite you to provide input to the document through the link below.

The deadline for making inputs into the draft strategy is July 25, 2021

The input provided during this process will lead to the finalization of the strategy. Furthermore, the strategy will be validated at a reasonable time by various stakeholders.