Functions of NELGA research


Generate high-quality research products and translate analytical findings into operational engagement and decision-making processes.


Mainstream land governance issues in land-related education to enhance training opportunities and curricula on land governance.


Strengthen analytical capabilities of existing African research institutions.

Presentation13Expand data availability on land governance and facilitate access, such as through data repositories.

Planned activities


  • Support to NELGA fellows

The fellowship program promotes short term research to be conducted within a six months’ time. It targets MSc students and academic staff who are working in the field of land governance / policy. Topics are identified in consultation with the NELGA nodes to explore the most important issues in the respective regions / countries.

  • Dissemination of the proposals and findings of NELGA scholars

There are currently 40 MSc and PhD NELGA scholars across Africa that are preparing and/or doing research on a land related topic. The first promotion of MSc scholarship holders in Eastern and Southern Africa are now in their final year and about to present their results.

The NELGA regional nodes will select the most relevant proposals/findings that will then be used for further policy briefs during in country meetings. These events will enable students and researchers to convey research findings and facilitate communication between and among academia and relevant government institutions.

  • Organization of stock-taking events on NELGA research

Scalable research papers will be identified and shared during events organized at a regional level. Such events will become an important platform of knowledge and experience sharing between researchers, government institutions, NELGA members and partners. Adequate knowledge management and communication activities will be implemented to ensure the documentation and sharing of good practices and lesson learnt.

Most research and studies conducted through NELGA can be found in the following map:

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