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COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)
UNIVERSITY: Ardhi University, Tanzania
STUDY COURSE: Urban Planning and Management
DEGREE: Master
RESEARCH TOPIC: Resilient city planning


Ardhi University: Striving for excellence

Ardhi University is one of the leading training and research institutions in the Sub Saharan Africa region in the area of land governance. It is a champion in Eastern Africa and aims at becoming a global centre of excellence. The major contributions of the university to the NELGA and the opportunity given to students such as Augustin illustrate this ambition.

“I am very proud of being a NELGA scholar and part of the NELGA network. Thanks to the NELGA scholarship, I feel like a fish in water. And I achieve success via NELGA”!

Augustin after presenting a Town Planning layout to Local Community


A couple of year ago I started my own land-related company, focusing particularly on urban planning activities targeting low income households. Yet, I faced several professional challenges and realized that pursuing a master degree would help me deepening my knowledge on land-related professions. Fortunately, thanks to NELGA, I was awarded a scholarship to pursue a master program in Urban Planning and Management at Ardhi University, Tanzania. Thanks to NELGA, I am now involved in a Wold Bank project on Urban resilience Project for the Msimbazi valley in Dar es Salaam. It will serve as the fieldwork of my master thesis on resilient cities. Not only NELGA gave me this scholarship opportunity, but it also opened me the door to a wide network. My wish is to provide land planning services in DRC – my home country, in Tanzania – where I study, and many other African countries. Thanks to NELGA, I am now a step closer toward achieving my goal. In the future, I wish I could link my company with NELGA, to cooperate with others on offering land planning services to the community.